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Penncross Ranch, Inc.
12185 FM Road 2276
Kilgore, Texas 75662

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Breeding Information

  We have an outstanding breeding program and facilities to match.  Please read below for additional information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer them!


* Fees are subject to change




Below you will find breeding contracts, please print the appropriate contact. All contracts are in Adobe PDF format.  If you do not have Adobe you can down load it from

Credit Card Authorization Form


Penncross Ranch accepts many mares on the ranch during breeding season.  All horses are required to have a current (within six months) negative Coggins test and be current on all vaccinations including VEWT, Flu and Rhino.  Most mares are housed in a mare motel consisting of 46 14' X 16" spacious stalls.

For those mares that need more room to move around, there are  9 runs, 3 covered paddocks as well as an exercise paddock that is used for either weanlings or mares with foals.  Another plus is our breeding room is conveniently located within the mare motel.

Dr. Marty Tanner is our attending veterinarian.  His fees for normal services and procedures during breeding season total $200.  Services outside of normal procedures are invoiced separately.

Mare care:
Dry $14.00 per Day
Wet $16.00 per Day

Pasture: $9.00 per Day


Information Regarding Shipped Semen

Penncross Ranch works 7 days a week during breeding season, we collect and ship every other day, and you would need to call the ranch to find out what the shipping days are prior to requesting semen. We will start breeding on February 4th-2003.

We have to have your request no later than 9am Central Standard Time on a Breeding Day.

You have a choice, you use your own container for the shipment or you can use Penncross Ranch's container.

are owner’s container total charges FedEx $125.00.
Ranch container FedEx total charge $175.00.
Airport to Airport to Airport total charges $212.00.
Mare owners container Airport to Airport $162.00.

Penncross ships in Equitainers when you receive the Equitainer please do not open it until your vet is ready to use the semen as opening the Equitainer will compromise the quality of the semen due to temperature change no matter how fast you close the container, so please do not get curious wait for the vet or wait until you are ready to use the product.

Penncross Ranch ships a quality product, using the Equitainer for shipment, we try to ship you two bags of semen, this would depend on how many mares we have to breed on a breeding day here at the ranch and also ship, we can guarantee one bag inside the Equitainer and would do our best to ship two bags for two inseminations when possible. We use a Densimeter to count sperm; one bag would contain 1 billion sperm please inform your vet of this count as it will be important to all vets to know what they are dealing with on the product.

If you have any additional questions you would be more than welcome to call us or email us and we will do our best to answer them for you our ranch number is 903-984-3819 or 903-649-1658 is our cell and the email is


The stallion service fee, listed on the cooled semen contract, includes FIRST shipment ONLY.  Any additional shipments will be $175.00 per shipment, Fed Ex.  Counter to Counter shipments are $212.00 in US only, call for overseas counter to counter quote.  This includes the use of Penncross Ranch's Equitainer, if you send your own Equitainer, deduct $50. 

Research has determined that the national average for the number of shipments required to successfully inseminate a mare is 1.8.   Research has also shown that the average stallion's semen experiences a 50% mortality loss during shipment.  Consequently, we double the number of motile sperm required for on-farm artificial insemination for each cooled semen shipment.

All the Penncross Ranch stallions are blood typed prior to collection.  Each stallions' semen is tested and analyzed to ensure that even after cooling, the semen is free from disease and has a high motile sperm count.

In the event that the mare does not settle, or otherwise qualifies for a rebreed the following year, a $300.00 laboratory and processing fee will be charged.  

All payments for stallion service fees as well as the shipping container deposit, if applicable, must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the mare's ovulation date.


Please consider the purchase of your own shipping container if you plan to breed with transported cooled semen on an annual basis.  There is nothing more frustrating for a mare owner than to be ready to breed and discover that all of the breeding farm's containers are already in use.

Shipping containers cost approximately $250.00 and are a sound investment.  We would be happy to assist you with your purchase.  We don't require a container deposit, we trust our mare owners to be responsible return the container to us, failure to do so will delay your breeders certificate being sent until the container is returned or replaced.  Equitainer must be returned to Penncross Ranch 3-4 days after breeding your mare.  Please send back Fed Ex or UPS.  Most specialists recommend the Equitainer, made by Hamilton Research, Inc in Beverly, Massachusetts (800-367-0266).